Johnny Supervisor

Superior Skills for New and Tenured Supervisors

How Johnny Came To Be…

Lynette Landing

Lynette Landing

I’ve worked with clients in manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, distribution, technical services, hospitality, medical services, food equipment, and more.  I’ve witnessed the challenges, even the suffering, that goes on at the supervisory level of organizations.  Through onsite programs, I provide a “safe platform” where difficult issues can be openly discussed and resolved. From the executive level to the workforce level, I’ve heard it all.  But there’s something special to me about the front line supervisor.  Starry-eyed when they accepted their position, they often admit the light dimmed when they realized the demands of the position, or the squeeze of being sandwiched between superiors and subordinates like a slab of two-week-old ham.  And then there’s the tenured supervisors who became so stagnant in their role that they lost track of their professional goals; they toe the line, put out fires and often sit on excellent ideas for lack of time to execute (or lack of support from up the chain).

“Johnny Supervisor” is a fictitious character (male or female) that was born in the midst of training warehouse and trucking supervisors at a national distribution center.  “Johnny” took on a life of his own and helped participants to determine a typical supervisor’s chances of success by asking the now famous “Johnny Questions” and dissecting the character traits and the skills necessary to supervise others.

Johnny Supervisor (Male OR Female!)

Johnny represents both 
male & female supervisors!

Is it possible to fall in love with a fictitious character?  The long list of communication-based programs I had formerly taught began to fall to the wayside as I focused all my attention on developing the “Johnny Program”, better known as “Johnny Gets Promoted!”  In my industry, it’s said that a speaker doesn’t find a niche; a niche finds a speaker.  My niche is developing superior supervisors in mainly blue-collar occupations, because they’re like family to me – I guess it comes from growing up around contractors!)

My family - Guess the year! (I'm the one in the sailor coat and hat).

My family – Guess the year!
(I’m in the sailor coat & hat).

House built by my parents - West Chester, PA (Played a lot of Leap Frog on that front lawn).

House built by parents – West Chester, PA
(Played a lot of Leap Frog on that front lawn).

Dad's army days

Dad’s army days

In front of the Korean War Memorial, Newtown Square, PA

Dad in front of the Korean War Memorial, Newtown Square, PA

Builders Competition - Oaks, PA (Framing walls for 2-story home - Habitat for Humanity project)

Builders Competition – Oaks, PA
(Framing walls for 2-story home – Habitat for Humanity project)

Lynette Landing is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and NSA-Philadelphia,  She’s won numerous sales awards in professional services, consulting and real estate industries.  She has owned and operated several small businesses and founded and served as a chapter president for the Sunshine Foundation (agency granting “dream come true” experiences to chronically and terminally ill children).  Lynette is also an instructional designer and a ghostwriter.  Her programs are eye-opening, entertaining and immediately transferrable.   Contact her to find out how she can positively impact you or your audience with customized programs or consulting.

National Speakers Association

National Speakers Association


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