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Johnny Was Promoted! So Now What?

Johnny Was Promoted to Supervisor (So Why is He Still Making Widgets?)

DISCLAIMER: Johnny can be male or female and work in any industry! “Johnny” is a fictitious character who emerged while training thousands of employees in a variety of organizations.

You put your all into running a company.  With each passing year, you and your executive team juggle more balls than you can possibly handle so you decide to expand the supervisory pool to relieve pressure. Long after appointing (and even training) these supervisors, you wonder why the pressure on upper management has actually increased!  And so have the complaints, absenteeism, and overall bad attitudes! What went wrong?

When supervisors are ill equipped to supervise, an organization encounters all types of challenges – high turnover, slow deliveries, customer-complaints, errors, lawsuits, company stagnation and more. Can you (or the supervisors you’ve placed) relate to some of the following?

Jason’s staff abuses company sick time leaving him with a skeletal crew who are all overworked and resentful.

Claire wonders how to motivate employees when there is no room in the budget for increases in pay. 

Kevin feels his superiors undermine decisions he makes for his team – and that makes him look bad to his employees.

Ellen’s subordinates accuse her of picking them apart, pointing out their failures and disregarding their successes, so production is at an all time low.

Manny had high hopes for his career when he became supervisor, but that was 12 years ago and he’s no further along in the company. 

And Carl, the VP, can’t understand why 8 of the front-line supervisors he sent to management training still perform like glorified employees (higher pay and different hardhats, but still making widgets).

Regardless of a company’s size or type, when it comes to the chain of command, the weakest link is nearly always the one that links front-line supervisors with the workforce. Problems here are typically overlooked or underestimated by upper management. Yet, this link is the most important one in the chain because it sets the stage for the company’s future growth and succession, therefore ignoring it could cost your company a fortune!

Many supervisors can barely manage themselves, let alone a crew of their former peers!  But don’t be too quick to point the finger and ship them off to training! Doing so may be treating the symptom, not the cause! And what is the cause? It is the lack of understanding by both the hirer and the hiree of how the supervisory role fits into and affects the organizational whole. Without this understanding, often the wrong person is hired (and that creates a domino effect on the entire company), or the right person is hired, but never given the tools for success (eventually causing the same domino effect).

JOHNNY SUPERVISOR is a site dedicated to strengthening this crucial link in the chain by providing those in charge with a crystal clear picture of the right candidate (because most people are not cut out to supervise others) and by providing that candidate with the tools and support to develop into a superior supervisor – one who fosters highly productive teams and is committed to the company’s smooth succession. Even longstanding supervisors greatly benefit by our blogs and resources because tenure doesn’t make a better supervisor; it simply prolongs counterproductive habits!  So whether your supervisors have been leading teams for years, or are brand new to the role, this site may change their perspective just enough to effect an organization-wide culture change… and that means everyone wins!

Gamesa SupervisorsAN EXPERT CAN HELP YOU TURN THINGS AROUND QUICKLY!  Our impactful onsite program can reach several of your supervisors, department heads, team leaders, executives…and renew the collective goal!  Our “JOHNNY GETS PROMOTED!” program is fast paced, entertaining and immediately transferrable…and we’ll customize it to meet your organization’s specific needs.  Click here to learn more!

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